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Advert confirmed wage-cut policy

Sir -- After weeks of 'shambolic' politics, the front page headlines together make grim reading while summing up aptly how this Government brought Ireland to its knees. (Sunday Independent, January 23, 2011)

'Cowen bails out as FF hit 8 per cent low -- Taoiseach resigned leadership of FF as plotters planned final push.' However, 'I'm not worried by support for Martin,' Lenihan says. 'Fianna Fail could be back in power sooner than expected.' Oh yes, certainly enough to send anyone to drink, depression and delusion.

However, what really made stark reading was the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation's advertisement on the left-hand-side of page six announcing and confirming the fruit of the recent damning Budget. 'The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation has made an order declaring the national minimum hourly rate of pay to be €7.65 ... ' With this new minimum rate of pay taking effect on February 1, we can only brace ourselves for the austere ruling to come under the thumb of the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.

To think that Fianna Fail managed to flush the soul and integrity of Ireland down the drain of hopelessness truly beggars belief.

Derry Ann Morgan,

Oldcastle, Co Meath

Sunday Independent