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Address the real issues with primary schools

"It is not a question of whether there should be pluralism in the patronage of our primary schools, but how this should be done.

"Schools can be denominational, non-denominational, multi-denominational, Irish speaking -- but they must serve their students well.

"This is at the heart of our move towards a more pluralistic, a more diverse, and an all encompassing primary school system," Minister Ruairi Quinn stated.

Fine rhetoric! But primary schools, particularly in urban areas, are already multicultural and diverse and we do serve our students well. But does our Department of Education and Skills serve our students well in "an all-encompassing primary school system" when we have prefabs, overcrowding, resource teacher cutbacks and special educational needs cutbacks?

In your "all-encompassing primary school system" a four-year-old child with a specific learning difficulty will have their resource hours halved. So I ask you, minister, to deal with the real issues and the children will be afforded the education that is their right.

Jenny McHugh
Primary school Principal, Trim, Co Meath

Irish Independent