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Abortion is still a key election issue

Well done to David Quinn for raising abortion as an important election issue in his recent article. Labour Party policy, unlike other main parties, includes abortion on grounds of health risk.

Unplanned pregnancy is very distressing for many women, and they should be supported as much as possible. However, the right to life is too basic to be taken away even as a solution to a difficult situation.

If the right to life and other rights are in conflict, the more basic one needs to be protected.

We should provide the best possible care to any pregnant woman with, for example, mental health problems; but ultimately uphold the "equal" right to life of mother and child recognised in the Constitution.

Unless the mother's life is equally under threat, deliberately taking the child's life is not a justifiable solution. Our votes decide our country's future not only in economic terms.

Ruth Foley
Clondalkin, Dublin

Irish Independent