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Abortion is not country's wish

FIONA O'Malley is very much mistaken if she believes the people of Ireland have expressed a wish to legislate for abortion (Letters, February 15).

In 1992 -- and again in 2002 -- the people were asked to dilute constitutional protection of the right to life in referenda and the people rejected both proposals.

Far from supporting legalised abortion, as Ms O'Malley claims, the people have voted to protect life three times in three different decades (including 1983).

What seems to have been missed by most participants in the debate is that Professor Anthony Clare's contribution effectively removed a threat of suicide as a ground for procuring a legal abortion, when he stated abortion is never the only way to avoid a threat to the life of the mother through suicide as required by the X-case ruling. However, I do agree with Ms O'Malley that Labour is not the driving force behind attempts to introduce abortion.

Whatever about Eamon Gilmore's ambitions, Fianna Fail has been far more effective in championing abortion through its involvement in the X-case, the C-case, and taxpayer funding of abortion referral and advocacy groups.

Manus Mac Meanmain
Meath West Candidate for Comhar Críostaí
An Bóthar Buí, Contae na Mí

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