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ABCs of saving

Sir -- Seeing that our country is in a very bad state financially, perhaps it would be a good idea to try and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again?

The first steps in my opinion would be to make sure our children are taught to save.

From their very first pay packet, saving something, no matter how small, should be instilled from a young age. That way, as they grow older they will appreciate and value everything. They will soon also learn that "little and often fills the purse".

Thinking back, that was always the way before these easy-to-get loans became high fashion. If you wanted something, you worked hard and saved for it. When loans became available, they were kept to a minimum and were all capped.

Perhaps we would not be in such a financial mess if the banks and Government had thought along these lines.

Kathleen Blanchfield,

Ballyragget, Co Kilkenny

Give us some entertainers

Sir -- Let me add my voice to the disappointed masses who switched stations on New Year's Eve to avoid the mediocre countdown on RTE. Are there no Rosaleen Linehans or Maureen Potters coming along who sent us all laughing into the New Year?

What we have now are people who call themselves celebrities, who stand there looking lovely but with no content. Let's send them back to the catwalks and get some entertainers.

Kathleen Bolger, Dublin 6

Sunday Independent