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A vote from the heart

I am pro-life. But I am disappointed that the self-annointed

spokesperson for Catholics in Ireland, David Quinn, has taken such a narrow view of the election.

The two largest and most popular Catholic organisations in the country - St. Vincent de Paul and Trócaire - have called on all candidates for the election to "put social justice at the heart of the 31st Dail."

To me this wise appeal expresses the fact that Catholics should also vote for those candidates who will be concerned with the poor and marginalised in Ireland and overseas. This should include the generations of unborn children whose planet is being destroyed by climate change.

Martin Luther King said that it is "all very well to talk about white robes over yonder when people don't have enough to eat or shoes to wear down here."

I hope that people will vote for candidates who will protect all vulnerable people and reject candidates who may take an interest in the life of the unborn but ignore the plight of the living.

Eóin Murray
Blackrock, Co Dublin

Irish Independent