Saturday 21 April 2018

A victory for the plain people

Madam --Is your referendum verdict of 'grudging consent', (Editorial, Sunday Independent, June 3, 2012), fair?

Though politicians of all hues are basking in the reflected warmth of what they consider to be their victory, electoral or 'moral', on the fiscal treaty, it was the plain people of Ireland who won. Using their own skulls.

The Sinn Fein/pseudo-left assertion that the voters were herded like terrified, mindless sheep into the 'Yes' lobby by jackbooted blueshirts and their slightly faded and cowed pinko Labour collie dogs is not only grossly insulting but inaccurate. Sixty per cent of those who voted on behalf of the people concluded that a reasonable certainty of European bread, however black and soggy, for at least three years after 2013, was better than no bread at all.

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