Monday 18 November 2019

A Third World nation

Sir -- Do I live in a Third World country? This is day four of having no water. Not only that but it has been impossible to leave the property due to ice.

This all started on December 19, when we woke to thick black ice. Were the roads gritted? Of course not. The next day we awoke to 5in of snow. It snowed all day. It froze Sunday night, and every subsequent night since. Was this road gritted at any time? No.

A week ago, without any warning, our water went off. Luckily, my neighbour had a bottle of drinking water spare or we would have had none.

Even if we could have gotten on to the road it was impassable by car. I phoned the emergency water services number for two days, and it wasn't answered once.

Although I am fit and often walk into the town, it was impossible even to get to the end of the drive without slipping. We are told that the weather is to deteriorate again over the next few days.

How are we to get by when no one knows anything and no one tells us anything?

Lynda Hart,

Ballymote, Co Sligo

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