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A tax too far

• In the Irish Independent editorial in recent days, a question was posed: "What is it about the Irish and property taxes?"

Such is my anger at this insensitive and pompous statement, I know not where to start. I speak for myself but perhaps for several other households, too. My wife and I bought our house in October 2006, at which time we paid €15,000 in stamp duty. If stamp duty is not a property tax, then might the enlightened of the Irish Independent inform us of what it is, exactly? And will that €15,000 be credited against my mandatory household charge?

So now, I (and millions of others) are being forced to pay a further €100 per annum, which the Taoiseach says is only €2 per week. Well, Enda, that has been overtaken already by the increases in fuel and vehicle taxes, and all of the other ballast loaded on to us in your recent Budget, so we are all still considerably out of pocket.

I'm given to understand that this €100 will be applied to the provision of services. Services? I can't attend an event at the National Concert Hall because after the event there isn't any public transport back to Roscommon, where the Government has also reduced services at the county hospital. It saddens me that I voted eagerly for Mr Kenny.

Michael Dryhurst
Ballinderry School House,
Four Mile House, Roscommon

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