Tuesday 21 January 2020

A sorry state

• Maybe it's a pagan Celtic thing, perhaps it's a Lenten Christian thing, but the air is full of apologies and contrition. People are purging themselves of pain, insult and outrage.

Nike, wisely bowing to green diaspora of the United States, has had a rethink about a boot called 'Black and Tan'. I presume we took no offence that the other boot was named 'Guinness', in honour of St Patrick's Day. The connection: Nike associated being Irish with a drink and a Welsh saint and a non-Irish drinks company as a nation identifier.

The boor of Britain, Boris the bore, insulted the Irish over some other trite observation. Instead of ignoring the oaf, we went all ballistic. Boris, the politician, apologised with the cute caveat of "if", which to me suggests it was not an apology in the first place.

So, in keeping with the Lenten spirit, can Fianna Fail apologise and actually name the two Taoisigh and three finance ministers who broke this nation chasing fool's gold. No "ifs" please.

Can Fine Gael apologise for making us believe that they were not Fianna Fail?

Can the Labour Party apologise for using a name that breaks the Trade Description Act?

John Cuffe
Dunboyne, Meath

Irish Independent

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