Sunday 18 February 2018

A skewed view of de Valera

Madam –Martin Mansergh's embarrassing attempt (Sunday Independent, December 2, 2012) to portray Eamon de Valera as a figure in history who took a moral stand against Hitler, and National Socialism, is akin to throwing seeds on to fallow ground in the hope that an array of crops will spring up.

The de Valera who visited US Ambassador David Gray to offer his condolences upon the death of President Roosevelt in April 1945, was exactly the same man who played a major part in a brutal terrorist conspiracy of 1916, and continued his criminal activity right up to 1923-26, when he decided to face the reality of military defeat at the hands of the Free State army.

In this respect, de Valera made an impressive transition from a proto-fascist terrorist to a consummate disciple of Machiavelli, a figure he recommended for study to his blood-brother Richard Mulcahy, when the former chief of the IRA asked de Valera for advice in relation to politics.

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