Sunday 21 January 2018

A shared humanity

Sir - Brendan O'Connor in his article, "A lesson in courage, dignity and character," (June 28) writes about the way the community of South County Dublin rallied around the friends and families of the deceased Berkeley students. The concept of people rallying around their friends and neighbours in times of adversity have always been traditional Irish characteristics and thankfully despite living through the mé féin type years of the Celtic Tiger we Irish haven't lost these such important characteristics. There is more to life than consumerism and climbing the corporate ladder and as Brendan O'Connor points out elsewhere in his article "friendship among young people is alive and well and the bonds of friendship among the social-media generation still run deep."

However as well as the actions of Dublin people this terrible tragedy struck a chord with people nationally.

In Galway myself and a couple of friends organised a candlelit vigil in memory of the dead students. Over 300 people signed a book of condolences which we also had available on the night with many others simply lighting candles.

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