Friday 23 February 2018

A rotten system

Sir -- After reading Eoghan Harris and Jody Corcoran's articles last week, one conclusion to be drawn from both is that it seems it's time to rethink the use of democracy in this country. The way the State is run here since its inception has, on the whole, been unsuccessful.

But why try to change the players in the game when the problem is the game itself? Even if we get better at the current game of democracy we are engaged in, it will be of no use because those results will lead us nowhere.

The term 'lame duck' could be used for every single one of our politicians as they all seem incapable of putting their visions -- if they have any -- ahead of the short-term goal of keeping on-side with the majority of the 'simple' electorate, to borrow a word from Mr Harris. Those in power eschew difficult decisions until it is too late, while the opposition looks to score points off the all-too-frequent government cock-ups without offering any real alternative. The problem is they are all products of what increasingly looks like a flawed system.

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