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A reflection

• The fickle fortunes of timeless ancestry all settles down to a few seconds of body chemistry driven by passion or duty. It may have been your time that night that brought you here and consigned all those other potential relations that kept on going to a 'never to exist plain'.

Painless as it was for them and unconscious of regret, your journey though had begun. Is there a plan, a meaning, a future? Depends on what your point of view is.

Downloaded from the moment of your arrival with other opinions from the 'practical' laws of natural survival like crying, tantrums, and bullying, you soon learnt independence. Alas, this was not to last. You found quickly as you aged that you had to fit in or be left out; that your opinion did not count for much unless you did.

Was it true you were just a geographical accident when it came to religion as well, and the only evidence you had for it was tradition itself?

You joined clubs, associations, political parties, and any other party in town. Slowly you started to decipher what was really going on in this world but by then time had landed you in middle age.

A restless, hurried anxiety made your search more frantic. There were new regrets: The need to remind others to not waste time; to be independent and an individual. They were not listening for they were younger and in a hurry too.

You embraced new challenges that lay ahead even as the old ones were still left undone. Then you became elderly, if not mature. It was as good as you thought it was going to get. You were wrong.

You had shown care and concern and knowledge of self; you tried to help others and wished to enact change. And somewhere out there today, in just a few seconds, the fickle fortunes of timeless ancestry all settles down to a few seconds of body chemist-ry driven by passion or duty.

Barry Clifford
Oughterard, Co Galway

Irish Independent