Sunday 17 December 2017

A proud legacy

Madam -- I read your obituary on my father (Nobby Quinn) with equal dismay and disgust at the level of journalism involved and your willingness to focus on one very small facet of his life in which he was convicted of falsification of documents. My father always said, "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone." Obviously your journalist, and yourself as editor, feel fully vindicated and justified in casting that stone.

I ask you how you would feel as a son upon reading such a small-minded and disingenuous obituary about one of your own family members? What about mentioning all the good things he did during his 66 years?

For example, in his business life: being a primary mover in setting up one of the largest and most important agri-food businesses in Europe; being strategically involved in turning said business from a basic "raise cattle for sale abroad on the hoof" to processing those cattle fully in Ireland to maximise the return to the Irish economy and the taxpayer; being responsible directly for the creation of thousands of jobs throughout Ireland; being again primarily involved in bringing the industry safely through the BSE crisis.

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