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A place called hope

"For their spirit has been bruised, never broken"

There isn't a day that goes by when we don't read or hear of more news that frightens us all.

Suicides are on an upward spiral, people are worried if they will have enough money to put food on the table and now, as we get closer to Christmas, parents are worried about how they will be able to provide for their children.

As we edge closer and closer to another Budget, which we are told will be hard, the people of Ireland are living in fear and asking why they have to pay for the mistakes of others – a few who still live a life of luxury while the rest are expected to come forth with the money to pay for what they have done.

Yet, I am all too aware that even as far back as famine times, there was a will and strength within the Irish people that they would never be broken down, and they would always rise above the difficulties.

As long as people have some sign of hope, they will never give up. The question is: where does this hope come from?

As we move towards Christmas and mindful of the need for hope, I would like to make an impassioned plea to everyone to set aside one day in December when we as people can gather together in the name of hope and, on that day, let there be music and songs performed to unite us all.

And in doing so, maybe those of us who can afford to give an extra euro can help those in need.

Therefore, I now wish to call upon all artists, singers, musicians and performers to put together concerts and performances for free all over Ireland under the banner of One Day – A United People.

I call upon the GAA, FAI, IRFU, all concert promoters – Aiken, MCD – and anyone of influence to get involved and help make this happen so that we can all do our bit to show to our lawmakers and those in Government that while our spirit may be bruised, it will not be broken.

It is said that music and song can be a voice of hope and can set the spirit free.

I do know that many will laugh at my suggestion, but I just hope that some won't and that together, we can all make a difference.

* Quote from 'The Town I Loved So Well'.

Darragh McGann
Cobh, Co Cork

Irish Independent