Monday 18 December 2017

A nation again?

• "You were the future once." With that phrase, David Cameron managed to sum up the swan song of Tony Blair's reign as British prime minister. It is a charge that could be held against any of Ireland's political institutions.

Having spent one year abroad from my country of birth I look on with graduating despair, disdain and fear of the country of my birth. I have taken to reading about Irish fables, mythology and history and come to the conclusion that Ireland's best days could well and truly be behind her.

We are a small island that has never feared punching above our weight. Throughout our history, we have used oppression as a strength, we have never ceased to fight, either for our very right to be free or our right to be heard. The current generation who hold influence in this country and those of us who are lucky to be alive in this time will have a lot to answer for when the history of Ireland in the early 21st century comes to be drafted.

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