Monday 22 January 2018

A long week in politics

Sir -- The week opened with the ripples of the Nyberg report tickling my toes. Moody's and the aptly named Standard and Poor's have long consigned us to junk bond status. Nyberg was too late. He raked some manure back and over but ultimately no one was to blame. The golden circle lives on.

Next up was the photo opportunity of the year. Anglo Irish was having its signs taken down. Finally, the carcass of the bank that broke a nation was going to be interred. As they say in my old village: "Bad cess to them." Some €40bn up in smoke, but at least the ogre was dead.

Finance Minister Ruairi Quinn was photographed flanked by gardai, as a lady carried her child who needed special help in the local school. How could she speak to the minister, flanked by uniformed officers? Is this de rigueur for ministers when they now meet the populace?

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