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A little history on troubled region

Desmond Fitzgerald's letter (February 8) left me scratching my head in bewilderment. What is being taught in ancient history that leaves so many people so profoundly ignorant of the beginnings of civilisation in this heavily contested region?

Just a refresher from this unemployed teacher: the Jewish people may have been in the region covering modern-day Israel long before there was an Islamic religion, but they were not the first inhabitants of the area.

Joshua, the leader of the Israelite people after the death of Moses, led his army through the lands of Canaan leaving a swath of death and utter annihilation in his wake. There is no other word for what Joshua did to the Canaanite people other than genocide. When the walls of Jericho fell, so did its inhabitants. No man, woman, child or animal was spared.

Valerie Lopes
Drimnagh, Dublin

Irish Independent