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A lack of respect

Sir -- "Either love him or hate him" Bertie Ahern was the three-times elected Taoiseach of this country and should not have been treated by the Chamber of Commerce in Cashel, in the way he was.

They were delighted when told that he would come as a guest speaker, only to withdraw their invitation within a week of the event. If nothing else it was very bad manners and showed a lack of respect to a man who was elected three times as Taoiseach of Ireland by the people of this country.

Mr Ahern was kind enough to offer his services -- the proceeds were going to a local hospice. This man has been accepted as a guest speaker to both Houses of Congress in Washington DC. It's amazing that Cashel retracted their invitation for him to attend.

Have the people forgotten already how much time and energy this man put into the peace process?

I had been looking forward to meeting him and so had many other people from the Tipperary area, but I did not attend on the night of the event, and many more felt the same.

Norah Ryan,

Co Tipperary

Sunday Independent