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A house divided

• I have a 'get out of hell free card' for our Government on the household charge. Very simply, drop it for this year and allow anyone who has paid get a credit towards the full property tax when it is introduced next year.

The biggest problem this Government has is the patent injustice of implementing austerity while sending our cash out of the country to vile bankers. We are excessively passive and slow to anger, but don't mistake that passivity for stupidity.

Perhaps next year, if the Government can deliver what it promised to do before the election, and obtain some justice in Europe over the crime that was the bank guarantee of 2008, then the people will be able to accept a proportional and fair property tax.

The alternative will be to wage a war of attrition against the decent Irish people who have decided to make a stand on the €100 charge. Also, while the Government is planning its property tax, perhaps it might agree that after it is introduced we will not be charged if we call an ambulance or fire brigade, that every person in the country can expect to have their road gritted in winter, and that every home can have access to a group water scheme or group sewage treatment.

Those who do not receive such services should be granted a 50pc reduction on the property tax.

The last government made more mistakes than can be counted. But one of their biggest was not listening to the people. This Government is facing its September 2008 moment with regard to how it responds to the mass civil disobedience on the household charge. Taoiseach, it's time for a little humility, drop this unjust charge now.

Declan Doyle

Lisdowney, Kilkenny

• Pay the household charge! We all have to make sacrifices as a result of the current economic climate. My sacrifice was emigration, a life-changing (not necessarily positive) experience. I don't think that €100 will have a catastrophic effect.

People need to stop behaving like sheep, stand on their own two feet, and help get Ireland back on track.

Mairead McGuinness