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A good call

• I read with frustration the letter entitled 'A Bad Call' on the afternoon of Ireland's finest moment in the rugby World Cup.

Mr Troy and most of his friends will be supporting Australia because players and supporters are standing to 'Ireland's Call'. I hope he enjoyed his morning.

The facts of the matter are that the Ireland rugby team does not represent the Republic of Ireland. It represents the IRFU, which comprises the four provinces of Ireland, Ulster being an integral part. Six of the counties in Ulster are part of the UK, a fact which is underpinned in international law to which the Republic's Government has been a party.

The national anthem of the Republic is played at Lansdowne Road because the game is staged on its soil. Interestingly, when Ireland play at Ravenhill, the national anthem of the UK is not played.

Personally, I am proud of the Irish unity which sport has achieved in contrast to the narrow mindedness of Mr Troy and his ilk. I have attended matches at Lansdowne Road since 1974 and stood with fellow Ulstermen respecting 'Amhran na bhFiann' before giving passionate support to the cause of Irish rugby.

I have enjoyed more lows than highs supporting Ireland over the years, so I intend to enjoy the Irish victory with thousands of other Ulstermen, while Mr Troy and his pals go waltzing with Matilda.

Laurence Norwood

Donnybrook, Dublin 4