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A dishonest man can't be trusted

Sir -- After reading the letter to your paper on Sunday, January 30 supporting the decision of Helen McKendry (daughter of Jean McConville, who was murdered by the IRA) to campaign against Gerry Adams in Louth, I agree. Every decent citizen of Ireland should support her. How quickly we forget the awful atrocities perpetrated on innocent people by the IRA, of which Adams is a member, even though he denies it.

If Mr Adams cannot tell the truth regarding his past, then how can you honestly trust him to represent you in the future? When you go to exercise your democratic right, remember that the people who were murdered by the IRA will never get that chance. Their democratic right was taken from them. People such as the victims of Claudy, Birmingham, Warrington, London, Belfast, Enniskillen and Warrenpoint.

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