Sunday 22 April 2018

A different tune

• "Son of the Gael? Men of the Pale! The long watched day is breaking ... " So goes the lesser-known first line of the last verse of our national anthem. Outdated rubbish, isn't it? "Men of the Pale" and "Son of the Gael" indeed!

What about the women and daughters of the Pale, and the rest of the old sod? Clearly we need a new national anthem, especially given the post-'Republic' era we have entered. Not a fan of the rugby anthem (it sounds too much like a lads' drinking song), I am calling on my fellow citizens, yes, even the 'wimen', to come up with a more reflective evocation of national pride and aspiration.

Joke suggestions, such as 'A Nation Once Again', 'Seven Drunken Nights' and 'Dirty Old Town', will be immediately discarded. Newly composed entries will be considered, but some old ditties might make it across the line too. I am making a bold, early bid for 'Thousands Are Sailing' by the Pogues.

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