Monday 19 February 2018

A country put on ice

Sir -- Well, once again the white stuff falling on the home of the black stuff has managed to cause chaos (Maeve Sheehan, Sunday Independent, January 3). I mean, who would have thought that, in the middle of winter with sub-zero temperatures, we would get any snow? It's ridiculous. Never happened before. I was one of the lucky ones who had to drive home in the wee hours of new year's morning. I crawled along through Castleknock in second gear behind a group of big macho 4x4s whose owners had no idea how to drive their vehicles in such conditions. Why buy a 4x4 if on the one occasion when you can put it to good use, you don't know how to. And at each bus stop, gangs of inebriated imbeciles pelted every vehicle with snowballs. That's really going to help if you are desperately concentrating to try and keep your car on the road. Good job guys! Your mothers must be so proud of you.

With no snow ploughs, sanders, gritters or salters, public transport ground to a halt and the whole country came to a standstill. The populace wrapped itself in several layers of thin, totally inadequate clothing and shuffled around like inmates of a Russian gulag 70 years ago. If it hadn't looked so pathetic it would have been almost comical.

Just to make you feel better, my family spent the new year in their home country of Norway. There it had been minus 17 in the shade with deep snow all around (over a metre, as opposed to the 3cm here). Everything had functioned normally -- no delays, no cancellations, no crashes and no frostbite. Maybe we should send a think-tank committee to Scandinavia in order to get a few ideas for preventing such a disaster happening here again. And whatever happened to global warming?

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