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A bit Irish

•GG Dalton of Rathmines, Dublin, (Letters, September 23) is disappointed that FG reneged on its promise about compulsory Irish, but almost 70pc of Irish parents think otherwise.

He expresses his views on how Gaeltacht people should carry their culture forward by making insulting remarks about them and makes it clear that he doesn't respect their culture.

Even if Mr Dalton did receive beatings over the 'modh coinniollach', his feelings are just blind ignorance if he doesn't acknowledge the attitudes the masses have towards our native language -- in which about 180,000 are fluent.

Some 45,000 children, including my own, are educated through Irish in 370 primary and secondary Gaelscoileanna and hundreds more pre-school naionrai all over the island, which are all outside of Gaeltacht areas and are all part of the most successful and fastest- growing organisation of its kind in Europe.

Graham Doyle
Artane, Dublin 5

Irish Independent