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'75 not out'

• In last Saturday's Irish Independent James Downey wrote a powerful commentary on the need for debate on contraception in the next White Paper on aid for the Third World. He credits me for much of the information on the issue and stated that my latest book '75 and Not Out' is now on sale.

This is the second part of my memoir, and is not for sale as it was a private publication available to interested readers who were recommended to contribute up to €20 to the Blackrock Hospice.

In the case of my first book 'Three Score and Ten', almost €10,000 was raised.

The same system applies to '75 and Not Out'.

It can be obtained from any branch of Barnardos, which is the designated charity.

Or directly from email to acartan@iol.ie

Cartan Finegan
Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

Irish Independent