Tuesday 15 October 2019

€4bn 'hole' is just tip of the iceberg

YOUR headlines and the nation's screens and radios are full of agonising about how the Government can possibly make its crucial and necessary €4bn in cuts without bringing the public sector unions out on permanent strike.

Similarly, these same unions are adamant that such deep cuts would irrevocably damage the economy and insist on maintaining their pay at current levels.

A question strikes me. When are we going to talk about the other 20-something billion euro? The Government's excess spending is nothing as trivial as a mere €4bn -- it is around €25,000,000,000.

So, when are we going to talk about that much larger sum?

Or do we plan to continue to ignore five-sixths of the problem as we fight to the death over one-sixth?

Hugh Sheehy
Sandymount, dublin 4

Irish Independent

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