Monday 18 December 2017

€3.6bn error a sackable offence

Sir -- I would safely say if an individual working in a private accountancy company, made a €3.6bn calculation error, he or she would be unemployed by now. Moreover, I'm certain that, this excuse of Kevin Cardiff: "I don't know why nobody told me about it", would not have been accepted by an employer. I don't accept such excuses, because the buck stops with him and he's getting well paid for doing that job. It seems to me that he was reading off the same hymn sheet as Bertie Ahern.

This should become a sackable offence in my opinion.

After 14 years of such unaccountability, I was really looking forward to the realisation of the new administration's promises to radically change that regime. However, I think there is a greater possibility there would be complete debt forgiveness by the IMF/ECB before this happens. Because three years down the road, not a single politician, senior public servant, nor banker has been held accountable for their part in destroying the economy.

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