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10 out of 10

I'm Lily Rooney and I am 10 years old. I've always wanted to be a journalist so I have written an article about what it is like to be 10.

I'm 10 in an ever changing world, I have friends from India and from England and from all over the world. It's really fun. There is plenty of ups -- like nice teachers, and our school is really lucky to do French as well, and our old principal was Mary Mitchell O'Connor who drove down the steps of the Dail.

And there are the downs -- like mean teachers (don't know any. . . luckily) and tests, (boring) but most of the time it's really fun being 10.

One thing that is actually kind of silly that teenagers do now is copy everything magazines say which is silly because if you follow your own style, you could find you were cool before the magazine. I love going to the movies and reading. I love English but lots of my friends don't and I've already done four projects this year. I've done a project about the e-book, Coco Chanel, two small projects -- one on Armagh and Roscommon -- and we're still working on one about Italy.

My mum's an estate agent, and my dad's a boom operator -- he has to hold up a big microphone every day.

I love being 10. I have a really nice cat that I want to mention, his name is Roly. Hope you liked my article.

Lily Rooney (10)
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