Friday 22 November 2019

Ladies, if you bring a beautiful nanny into your home, you're asking for trouble

In matters of the heart trust in your partner should prevail but it doesn't hurt to use a little common sense too

WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Actress Jennifer Garner
WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Actress Jennifer Garner
Niamh Horan

Niamh Horan

I once met a Muslim woman who explained, when it comes to the 'four wife' rule, Dubai women are pretty 'cute hoors' after all.

The husband can have another wife - but his current partner gets to choose the new woman.

Now any man who is dumb enough to give his wife the freedom to pick the other girl in his life deserves whatever hippopotamus he wakes up under. For what woman in her right mind would let a gorgeous young girl into her home?

Well, it turns out, quite a few actually.

Step forward Sadie Frost, Victoria Beckham, Jerry Hall, Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, Maria Shriver and the very latest to join the Naive Wives Club, Jennifer Garner.

Garner (43) brings this 28-year-old blonde Christine Ouzounian into the mansion she shares with one of the most attractive men on the planet [Ben Affleck] to look after their three children.

In skips the pretty au-pair with hair down to her arse and crop tops that are more Mary Karola than Mary Poppins to help the working mother around the house.

You know how this one ends right? And it ain't with Ouzounian popping her umbrella and singing A Spoonful of Sugar as she sails out the window after tucking the kids into bed.

As photos emerge of the pair smiling over champagne together in a clandestine meeting, there's a lot of people calling Affleck a low-life dirt bag. But they're also wondering what Garner expected.

In the same way a man should raise a curious eyebrow if the woman he adores wants buff 'Bradley' to help tone her abs, when it comes to any partner wandering, you need to have a bit of smarts.

Yes I am an advocate of the old maxim: there is something wrong with a person's character if opportunity controls their loyalty, but in the same breath, you wouldn't dangle a juicy rasher in front of a lion's mouth and cry when you've nothing left for your fry-up.

You have evolution to shake your fist at that men are naturally attracted to younger, more fertile women. And - don't shoot the messenger here - common sense would tell you to counteract this, women shouldn't let their standards slip and get a bit too 'mumsy' in appearance.

But top that off with proximity and convenience of a prime attraction in your home 24/7 and it's asking for trouble. Especially when you throw in sexual taboo. There are entire porn sites dedicated to 'sex with nannies' for God's sake.

Now initially, I thought this phenomenon may have been confined to Hollywood sirens. Maybe these beautiful women were so sure of their sexual allure that they never dreamed their other half could mess up. And yet, after the story broke, scores of everyday wives began queuing up to share their sob stories.

So, as women everywhere scream at Garner this weekend, 'What were you thinking?' - and so we are all clear on how to avoid a heap of future heartache with your husbands - you'd want to ensure secretaries and maids aren't much to tickle his fancy either.

I once knew a man who paid his pretty Polish cleaner extra cash to dust down the house in nothing but a pair of frilly white socks. And the wife still wonders how she never got in those hard to reach places.

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