Monday 20 November 2017

Katie Byrne: Out of touch - is our PC lifestyle killing human contact?

Features writer Katie Byrne
Features writer Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

A few months ago, at the end of a particularly strenuous yoga class, I was lying in savasana - or corpse posture - beside a man in his 70s. "Rest the back of your arms on the floor with the palms facing upwards," said the teacher, as the class took a collective exhale. We all did as the teacher asked but when I spread my arms out a little further, the tips of my fingers landed on the hand of the man beside me.

Yogis often inadvertently brush hands and feet in the cheek-by-jowl floorscape of a studio. Usually they just flinch, mutter something under their breath and get on with the practice. However, that evening, for whatever reason, we left our hands where they landed. There was no underlying meaning to it, no frisson or flirtation. It was just a moment of connection - a brief expression of common humanity.

I should have mentioned that this man and I are on nodding terms. We've attended the same classes in studios across Dublin for years and, while I don't know his name, I'd happily lend him a tenner if the situation arose.

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