Sunday 21 October 2018

Jagger finally crosses the line from cool icon to sad old man

Even in rock 'n' roll, where the rules are oddly different, Mick's latest age gap is creepy, writes Sarah Caden

AGE GAP: Mick Jagger
AGE GAP: Mick Jagger

Sarah Caden

Last week, while reporting the alleged new romance between Mick Jagger and film producer Noor Alfallah, one online news site compared them to the latterly late Hugh Hefner and his wife, Crystal Harris. The gap between that married couple was 60 years. The gap between Mick and Noor, at 74 and 23 years of age respectively, is 51 years. It's comparable all right, but how did it happen that Mick and Hef could end up in the same bracket?

It happened because time marches on and somehow Mick, though still touring, is a septuagenarian great-grandfather. In fact, his eldest grandchild is two years older than Noor Alfallah. This is how he ends up compared with Hef, who was regarded, for decades, as nothing short of a dirty old man.

There are many who would object to comparisons between Mick and Hef. Mick, somehow, is still regarded as a cool rock icon. He's a totem of hope for middle-aged to elderly men everywhere as he continues not only to romance but to romance women of the same age as the women he was romancing 50 years ago.

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