Monday 23 April 2018

Ireland is backward over supporting rape victims

One sex-abuse victim explains why she's angry at the treatment victims get and the public and official attitudes to them

A few weeks ago I read Niamh Ni Dhomhnaill's story about how she was raped by her then partner while she slept. It sickened me to the core. The headline in the Sunday Independent read: "It's time we put rape victims first". If that were my article, I would have headlined it "It's long overdue…"

It's yet another example of how backward Ireland is in supporting rape victims. The fact that there is a debate on the definition of rape disgusts me as much as the act of rape. To me, it's obvious.

It's when one person performs a sexual act on another person without their willingness, regardless of whether the two people are known to each other or not. Without knowing this, how can we even start to educate the next generation about sexual violence? There was no willingness on Ms Ni Dhomhnaill's part as she was asleep.

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