Saturday 15 December 2018

Bord Gáis Energy Ambassador and Galway star Joe Canning with the Liam MacCarthy Cup at the launch of this season’s championship. #HurlingToTheCore Photo: Sportsfile

No ordinary superstar: Joe Canning opens up on social media criticism, Aleppo experience and still having something to prove 

He was never fooled by the tidy, congenial idea that winning would change everything. So Joe Canning knows he can't be a tourist in this story. There's a picture of him from Thurles on August 5, a lone wolf hemmed in by five Clare coyotes. His face crumpled for war, he has one of them by the collar. Some yards away, the capsized six-foot five-inch form of Johnny Glynn lies injured on the...

Sonia O’Sullivan in The Croke Park before being inducted into the Irish Independent Hall of Fame. Photo: Sam Barnes/Sportsfile

Vincent Hogan meets Sonia O'Sullivan: 'We'd look over at Szabo and her doctor's big, black bag, wondering why did she need a doctor?' 

She disappoints us, Sonia. She frustrates us in her resistance to the cliché of the cheated, the obligation to be angry. We want her to spew vitriol upon the resilient lies of history, the ghost records, the secretive champions, the unexplained glories of a time when nobody ran with more thrilling grace than she did on the great flashbulb nights of Track and Field.