Tuesday 10 December 2019

Stella O'Malley

Trust: James Safechuck’s family thought he was safe with Jackson because of the singer’s asexual identity.

Stella O'Malley: 'Grooming of victims by sexual predators is a devastating betrayal of a child's trust' 

Most of us don't really want to think about how predators can seduce their underage targets into enjoying the experience. We prefer to believe all sexual abuse is pain and horror, and we don't want to consider that these children's first experiences of sexual urges and first orgasms were experienced joyfully in a dark and complicated web of collusion with their abuser. But, if we are to properly...

Protection: Kids under 13 will soon need parental approval before they can sign up to online gaming and social media

How to keep your child safe from online predators 

When it comes to children, smartphones are anything but harmless devices - they hold the keys to the seediest night club, sex shop, brothel and worse that you or I have ever attended. Any child who has free access to the internet is in a significantly more dangerous position than children whose access is limited. I know children might be sensible enough to know there are certain elements on the internet they should avoid, but many parents and children disregard the depths of cunning that becomes instinctive to predatory adults.

Every year in Ireland, approximately 12,000 individuals go so far as to end up in hospital as a consequence of deliberate self-harm

Self-harm: how to hear your troubled teen's cry for help 

It took previous generations some time before they could accept that addiction and depression weren't simply character flaws but serious mental health issues. Next it was eating disorders that made people raise their eyebrows as they wonder, could this really be a sickness or are these people just attention-seeking neurotics? And then Karen Carpenter died and everyone began taking eating disorders more seriously. Nowadays, it is self-harming behaviour that many people find difficult to understand.