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Stefanie Preissner

"How do we make friends as adults? Clandestine glances over the rails of beige clothes at H&M?" Stock image

At 35, the game’s up. I’m content to slide sensibly into bed around 8pm after moisturising all down past my neck

"I recently travelled through the airport and came out the other side feeling like I’d just been in a toxic relationship."

"It’s quite simple: rounder faces with short noses, small chins and big eyes will make us want to protect and fawn." Stock image

"Once upon a time in Ireland, post 9/11, there was a fear that the nuclear power plant in Sellafield, in Cumbria, might be the target of a terrorist attack."

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I thought I was asking an innocent question. When you are finished having a shower, do you get dressed in the bathroom, return to your bedroom to dress?

"It’s so confusing and frustrating, and leaves endless vacant space for self-doubt and internal criticism." Stock image

"This is the generation tasked with solving the issue but without any of the agency or power to do so. "

"For me, the turbulence and irony is perfectly captured in the fact that today, May Day, is a celebration to honour the spring season in the northern hemisphere but ‘mayday’ is an international distress signal born from the French m’aider, meaning ‘help me’."

"I’ve just turned 35 and, every year in and around my birthday, I have a crisis."

"Privacy is, to me, what the environment is to Greta Thunberg — a threatened, delicate thing I know I will not be able to function without."

"Almost all of the elderly people I’ve known have said they were ready to go when their time came."

"When I was a kid, I would go to Xtra-Vision every weekend with my neighbour to rent a scary movie."

"Would having 30 or so experts in housing provision, city planning, and construction help solve what is becoming the largest voting issue of our time?" Life columnist Stefanie Preissner

"When sleep ghosts me and ignores my cries for attention, I turn into every Disney villain you’ve ever seen, but with more weeping." Life columnist Stefanie Preissner on the lengths she goes to to protect her sleep.

"We examined the car and there it was. The automobile version of lipstick on the collar." Life magazine columnist Stefanie Preissner on a car incident that turned out unexpectedly

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