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Sophie White

“Mom Guilt: Why It Plagues Us and How to Fight It” or “A Surprising Root Of Mom Guilt, And 4 Ways To Overcome It.”

One of life’s great inequities is that in your 30s you can still get monstrous hangovers — even when you don’t drink.

"The songs turn round and around these little moments. And the singers never know how they’ve held us."

"This extreme framework allows for little to no fruit and hardly any vegetables and should, if you ask me, come with a health warning the same as the ones on cigarettes."

"It is also worth noting that if our national health services were running well, perhaps people wouldn’t feel compelled to turn to the internet."

“A holiday is just normal parent life, only without any of the things that make parenthood easier”

“Nobody tells you where to look when a person is breastfeeding”.

"As much as I have experience in the field of losing my shit, it is still enormously difficult to know the right thing to say to someone you love who is struggling."

A person participates in a protest against the use of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador in 2021.

My brain immediately switched into jump-on-trend mode and I had it purchased in the time it takes to say, “You don’t need a special water bottle to drink more water, Sophie!”

"I’m very lucky — not only do I knit, I also dance, do DIY tattoos and, more recently, roller-skate."

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