Tuesday 15 October 2019

Sophie Donaldson

Wary of hostility: Sophie Donaldson pictured with her wife Veronica in Dublin. Photo: Frank Mcgrath

Sophie Donaldson: 'I find it hard to say the word wife' 

In early 2014, drag performer Panti Bliss stood on stage at the Abbey Theatre and delivered a 10-minute speech about homophobic attitudes in Ireland that subsequently went viral. For LGBT+ people, the speech was a revelation, not only for its impassioned censure of the many injustices faced by the community, or the fact that Madonna herself tweeted her support. No, what was so validating about the speech was that she articulated a certain feeling so many LGBT+ people experience, but find difficult to put into words.

The Happy Gang perform on the last night of the Queens theatre

Dublin's Lost Theatres – places so important to the city and its people 

As a nation famed for having a way with words, it is fitting that Ireland has always had a rich theatrical tradition. Dublin has typically been home to the country's foremost performance venues but despite this storied past many of the people and places integral to the city's theatre history would be largely forgotten, if it were not for the efforts of a handful of committed enthusiasts who are determined to preserve the memory of some of our most significant artistic institutions.

As the popularity of the podcast shows no sign of waning, and ‘content creators’ see the commercial potential of the medium, it is very likely that we are soon to hit peak-podcast.

Why podcasts are fast becoming blog standard 

Although it may be difficult to recall, there was once a time when you could tell somebody that you had a blog and they didn't inwardly wince. These were humbler times: people blogged because they were passionate about a specific subject or because they felt compelled to keep an open diary of sorts. These personal blogs existed when internet voyeurism was at its zenith, with cookies, bots and verification logins a distant dream. They gave their readers the sort of no-holds-barred, brutally honest musings that have become ever rarer now that blogs are monetised and, therefore, sanitised.

MERCY ME: Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump in the Oval Office

The bottom line is that Kim Kardashian is a woman of substance 

Last Monday night, celebrated names descended on the Brooklyn Museum in New York for an event colloquially known as the Fashion Oscars. The Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards is the most prestigious back-slapping, air-kissing awards ceremony in the industry. It bestows honours such as Womenswear Designer of the Year (Raf Simons for Calvin Klein), Accessory Designer of the Year (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) and Fashion Icon (Naomi Campbell).

Actions speak louder: Iesha L Evans faces down armed state troopers in Baton Rouge

How not to get ahead in advertising 

It's been a turbulent week in the advertising world. On Tuesday, skincare brand Nivea swiftly apologised and removed a deodorant advert claiming "white is purity", amid a widespread social media backlash over the campaign's racist connotations. And that wasn't even the most tone-deaf ad of the week - it was followed by what has already been labelled The Worst Ad Of All Time. Just 24 hours after releasing its new Pepsi Moments video starring supermodel Kendall Jenner, Pepsi pulled the ad against a backdrop of worldwide furore.