Monday 11 December 2017

'We learned that Gavin possibly became the first manager to succeed in getting ‘The Sunday Game’ analysts to police themselves' Photo: Seb Daly/Sportsfile

Sinead Kissane: Gavin living a life less ordinary as he looks to pilot his footballers to yet another summer takeover 

Two Dubliners and two rather different entrances for their press conferences this week. In downtown Brooklyn on Thursday night, Conor McGregor kept his followers waiting before peacocking in a white polar bear fur coat. In another universe, living a life less ordinary, Jim Gavin slipped into a room almost unnoticed at 7.58am on Wednesday for a 8.0am press conference in the Gibson Hotel.

Tomas Corrigan celebrates after scoring against Dublin in Croke Park.

Sinead Kissane: We're losing the run of ourselves with our one-dimensional attitude to winning/losing in the GAA 

That was disappointing from Fermanagh forward Tomás Corrigan on the bus home from Croke Park last Sunday, wasn't it? It was only a few hours after the team suffered an eight-point defeat in the quarter-final to one of the best teams in the Championship. And what did Corrigan do? Well, he had a great laugh singing Christy Moore's 'Lisdoonvarna' in front of his team-mates at the top of the bus.