Sunday 17 February 2019

Ruth Griffin

Aveda Stress Fix range

Ruth Griffin: Green goddess 

For the month of September, in this column I have been taking a look at the growing appetite and industry for Conscious Cosmetics. In exploring the rising demand for all-natural, responsible skincare and beauty products - which are kinder to both our skin and our environment than chemical-laden alternatives - I have tested a host of skincare and make-up products available from salons, department stores and health food stores across the country. Over the past four weeks, I have highlighted vegan beauty lines, the new trend for adaptogens, petro-chemical-free products and...

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Simone Rocha

Ruth Griffin: How to shine like a star on New Year's Eve 

Stargazer Carl Sagan said: "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." I think of these words often, especially at the turning of the new year. We're on the cusp of something new. As we head into 2019, and a generally bleak first month, it's worth remembering that it is named for the Roman god Janus, who was said to have two faces: one looking back at the year that was and the other looking forward to all that is yet to come.

Mookie & Boo

Ruth Griffin: Irish made Beauty gift guide 

Irish beauty brands have come into their own over the last few years - with some of them (Kinvara and Pestle & Mortar) winning huge international skincare awards and others (Voya) being stocked in luxury salons across the globe. The organic and natural skincare arena is where Irish beauty brands are really making waves internationally, and after road-testing them myself as beauty writer for Weekend, I can totally see why. They are top quality skincare beauties.

Victoria Beckham in Paris earlier this year

Ruth Griffin: School-run saviours 

Hasn't it been a long and lovely summer this year? For lots of us, now it's back to reality as the school year starts. We're busy getting the books covered, the uniforms ordered, the school lunches sorted and trying to settle ourselves before the dreaded commencement of the school-run rush. I'd love to say I am super organised and perfectly coiffed for the early morning drop-offs, but the truth is that I'm usually thrown together and looking pretty dishevelled.

Gwyneth Paltrow - never afraid to broach the subject of hair removal.

Beauty sleuth: Ruth Griffin on the latest trends 

Sun's out, legs out… Razors out? Body hair removal may appear to be quite a modern beauty invention - it's certainly true that female shaving and waxing has become mainstream since World War 2. However, hair removal actually has a 6,000-year history. The Egyptians removed all body hair apart from their eyebrows and eyelashes. In ancient Greece, body hair was deemed uncivilised and as such is completely absent from all their ancient artwork. These original beauty buffs used a form of depilatory cream called 'dropax', a mix of vinegar and earth to trim back body hair.