Wednesday 25 April 2018

The Netflix version of estate agency is coming soon. A sale can be completed online, legal documents and all, minus the middleman

Home truths: Estate agents' demise is up for negotiation 

Should estate agents fear demise by internet? The profession, which employs around 3,000 people in Ireland and which once gleefully embraced the 'net as a route to get more property details to more people, is suddenly worried about its own employment prospects following some recent advancements. The level of concern has streaked upwards in tandem with the sudden growth of online-only auctions here in Ireland, and the various online automated home sales services which are already in use in other countries and winging their way to us in the not too distant future.

The Irish Yeast Company is among the latest wave of traditional shops to close its doors

Home truths: The time has come for living in the shop 

As everywhere else on the planet, the piper is playing a lament for old style retailing here in Ireland. This week we learned that the landmark Waltons music shop in South Great George's Street is shutting its doors. This space is where every pimply southside teen who wanted to be in a band sat around moodily pawing Wes Pauls, Gretschs and Stratocasters. Where they tried to prod Doors-like Hammond meows from more ordinary organs. It's where they later dragged their own teenagers for "are you really, really serious about saxaphone?" conversations or grabbed up tin whistles and recorders...

Brendan Ogle: Not coming to eat your children — but he has a better grasp of reality than Government when it comes to the housing emergency

Home Truths: Ogling the only solution: state as the developer 

IT came from trade union firebrand Brendan Ogle - he who has variously threatened to cut off our electricity, derail our train services, drain our water board and eat our children (well, maybe not the latter). Much as many mightn't like it, Mr Ogle's suggestion for solving the housing emergency, as tabled on TV last week from the state-built Corpo housing estate in which he was born and still lives; is the most practical yet heard on the issue.