Tuesday 22 October 2019

Maeve Sheehan

Patrick Quirke pictured leaving court with his wife, Imelda. Picture: Collins

A widow, her new boyfriend and the mystery of the audio recording 

'Ms Mary Lowry please." A frisson rippled through Court 13. Necks craned toward the heavy wooden entrance doors. A group of middle-aged women standing beside it because all the seats had been snapped up exchanged glances. Seconds ticked by. The door opened. A garda led the way, eyes fixed on the person behind her in the purple belted coat and matching purple scarf. She walked swiftly to the witness box, taking a side aisle, which meant she passed behind, rather than in front of, the man in the dock, her one-time lover.

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'We were nice people dragged into a world of crime' - family's chilling story as dealers try to extort cash over son's drug debts 

We meet in a hotel outside Dublin where they hope that they won't be recognised. They are understandably nervous because the ordeal that began for them last summer is far from over and probably never will be, they admit. Needless to say, they do not want where they live, or their names, to be published - so they go by John and Mary. Mary's son, Tom, the source of their...