Sunday 16 June 2019

Liz Kearney

'Unless you feel like seeing Santa at 9pm in a windswept cabin somewhere off the M50, or pulling the kids out of school to chance an 11am visit on a Tuesday, it is now officially too late to do anything about it'. Stock photo

Liz Kearney: 'The worst kind of family planning' 

Parents, I've noticed since becoming one myself, tend to divide quite neatly into two subsections. On the one hand, you have the Advance Planning Brigade, who had their kids down for secondary school the moment they'd binned the positive pregnancy test, have their Connemara cottage rental pre-booked every August 'til 2022, and began their Christmas preparations in earnest on July 1. And then there are the rest of us, the Chronically Disorganised, who find it hard to plan past mid-afternoon and can never remember if it's PE day or not.

A view over Dublin Bay. Photo: Getty Images

Liz Kearney: Let's all take Instagram out of picture 

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to Instagram it, did it really fall at all? That is the great philosophical conundrum of the 21st century, when every special moment is snapped, edited in a flattering light, and posted to social media. Enough, says concert designer LeRoy Bennett, who is backing a ban on smartphones at gigs. Bennett, who's worked with stars such as Madonna and Paul McCartney, is irritated by fans taking pictures of the stage and capturing it from a bad angle. The artists get upset, he said, and presumably he gets it in the neck as a result.

Liz Kearney

Liz Kearney The French savour every delicious bite – but they too are losing the obesity battle 

THE endless battle of the national bulge got a shot in the arm this week with the welcome arrival of the sugar tax. Anything which spurs big business to cut the calories in their over-sweet products is welcome, as far as I’m concerned. But will it go far enough? I’m not sure that a few extra pennies on the price of a can of Coke is going to put Professor Donal O’Shea out of business any time soon.