Tuesday 23 July 2019


Letters to the Editor

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'Two fingers': The British right-wing press is not impressed with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Letters to the Editor: 'For many spectators, claims about 'Little Leo' damaging Brexit are bordering on ridiculous' 

In my more idle moments, I sometimes spend time perusing the online editions of right-wing UK publications such as 'The Spectator'. There you will live in an alternative factual universe, where poor Britain is set upon by an evil EU, and worse still, is betrayed by its supposed allies. Chief culprit, these days, seems to be the Republic of Ireland, which has been set upon an anti-British...

Mary Lou McDonald has apologised for walking behind a banner in the New York St Patrick’s Day parade which read “England get out of Ireland”. Photo: Sinn Fein

Letters to the Editor: 'Compassion lies in death with dignity' 

Sir - It is a fundamental fact of existence that we die, just a matter of how, why, and when (The euthanasia debate, Letters, Sunday Independent, March 31). The sentiments expressed by Dr Foley regarding the manner in which he would prefer to pass his final days would be echoed by many, yet the topic of euthanasia is a contentious one, with some individuals being of the mind that it could be used as a convenient way of disposing of the vulnerable. Indeed, the definition of the word euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient.