Sunday 13 October 2019

Leslie Ann Horgan

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Forget Russian Doll, everyone’s bingeing on The Chase

Leslie Ann Horgan: 'I've uncovered a secret sect of 'uncool' TV fanatics' 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Dancing With The Stars in this column. How I wish now that I'd taken the time to include my long-predicted victory for Mairead Ronan - is there anything worse than a missed opportunity for gloating? Anyway, in the days following the publication of the piece, something strange began to happen. In moments when I was alone, friends, family members and colleagues started to sidle up to me, quietly seeking my confidence.

'J-Lo posed literally half naked in an artfully draped Valentino cape in a dazzling green. If there’s any concrete proof of time travel, then it’s this woman and her eternal youth.'

Leslie Ann Horgan: 'Oh please, ye gods, release us from this 2003 celebrity time loop' 

Perhaps it is because I spent the weekend in Oxford absorbing all of the ancient magnificence while a local resident scoffed at the tourists taking photos of a “modern” bridge — “For god’s sake, it was only built in 1913!” Or perhaps it’s because the clocks went back while I was there and I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep, very possibly for the last time due to the EU Commission’s proposal to dump...

Theroux described his split with Aniston as a small event

What happened to the traditional fire and brimstone celebrity divorce? 

I was somewhat bleary-eyed as I scrolled through my phone on the bus to work earlier this week, trying to coax my brain into waking up with some tidbits about the wider world. It was too early to compute housing figures and Brexit was liable to put me back to sleep, but buried among the celebrity news I found a sentence that made me sit up straight. "These are actually, in reality, small events that take place," actor Justin Theroux told The New York Times. I spluttered incredulously, rubbed my bleary peepers and re-read the piece. Had he really just referred to his...

Therapeutic: tap dancing

Leslie Ann Horgan slaps on a big Billie Barry smile 

I couldn't believe how quickly it came back to me. Though it had been more than a decade since I'd last pulled on my shoes, as soon as I stepped out onto the wooden floor it all came flooding back in an instant. All of the days that I'd spent learning steps, all of the weeks I'd spent honing technique, all of the months I'd spent memorising routines and all of the years that I'd spent perfecting style came bubbling up from under the surface… And so I promptly spun the wrong way and tripped, rather appropriately, over my own left foot.

Debut: Kirstie Allsopp has published her first cookery book, Kirstie's Real Kitchen. Photo: by Rita Platts © Hodder & Stoughton 2017.

Kirstie Allsopp: 'There's nothing traditional about my life' 

Kirstie Allsopp - finder of houses, maker of crafts, wearer of tea dresses - is something of a girlcrush of mine. It's a soft spot that I know to be shared by many women of my acquaintance, not least my godmother, for whom Kirstie is a deity made of glossy-haired flesh and straight-talking bone. So it's, well, crushing, when Kirstie answers my first question - is she comfortable being hailed as a domestic goddess? - with a flat "NO". There's a beat of silence, where I mentally flail about looking for a follow-up question, before her raucous laugher comes rolling down the line from London.