Tuesday 18 December 2018

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Karl Henry

Karl Henry: 'Scarily, many people believe what influencers are peddling - without any formal qualifications' 

So it started like all of my other client meetings. Before I start personal training with any new client, I like to meet them, spend some time chatting about goals, food and exercise history to get as much information as possible about the new client's background. This is all part of building the foundations of the goals we are going to achieve, and it's something I have always done with my...

Karl Henry

Karl Henry's top 12 Christmas gifts for the fitness-obsessed 

Jamie Heaslip, Rory McIlroy, Dermot Bannon, a singing and dancing Ryan Tubridy, and an audience full of Christmas fancy dress - what an amazing 'Late Late Toy Show' that was! I always feel that once the 'Toy Show' has been on, it is officially Christmas. We now have plenty of ideas for the little ones in our lives, but what about the grown-ups - especially the health-conscious ones? Here are my picks of the best health and fitness-inspired gifts for those on your shopping list this year.

Karl Henry: Calories in alcohol are basically empty calories with little or no benefit to the body

Karl Henry: 'Beware alcohol's hidden calorie content' 

Okay, so I know what you're going to think, here he goes again, lecturing everyone about what not to do when the most unhealthy time of the year is nearly upon us. So breathe in, there will be no lecture. Alcohol is something that is ingrained in the Irish psyche. It's just part of what we do. Still, there is something that I see all the time in my clients' food diaries when they start working with me. They are often shocked by the sheer volume consumed. They are also surprised to discover that alcohol is:

In good company: Karl Henry says businesses can benefit from introducing well-being programmes

Karl Henry: 10 ways to health-proof your company 

Corporate health and well-being has never been more popular, and more crucial to the health of the nation. I work with companies all around Ireland and in the UK on health programmes for their staff - everything from lectures to 5k runs. The workplace is somewhere we spend so much of our time, yet if it's not geared to health then it's somewhere that you are putting your health at risk. In today's column, I thought I would bring you 10 simple tips that you can use in your company to improve the health of your corporate environment:

Saddened: Karl Henry was shocked at the news of Anthony Foley's death

Karl Henry: Why men of every age should be looking after their health 

The shocking sudden death of Anthony Foley has saddened the nation. So unexpected, so young. A legend of a man. I remember watching Munster's epic European cup win in 2005-2006 and watching his emotion as they won the game, being motivated by that emotion to train better myself. Earlier today, I sat listening to the 'Fields of Athenry' being played on the radio, at the time of Anthony Foley's funeral, as a national tribute. It brought home just how the nation is trying to come to terms with the whole situation.