Tuesday 15 October 2019

John Bruton

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How the US will keep rivals at bay 

This book, a bestseller in the US last year, has now been published on this side of the Atlantic and makes a thought-provoking read. The author, George Friedman, is the founder of Stratfor, a Texas-based strategic intelligence consultancy advising many major US corporations. Although described as a conservative Republican, his views would mirror those of many foreign policy realists in both parties. He assumes that military and economic power determine the future. As he puts it, "anger does not make history, power does".

John Bruton: 'Why 1916 was a waste of time' 

This book tells us much that is new about John Redmond -- about his parents' troubled marriage, the loss of his first wife, his support for temperance, his work for prisoners and his founding of the Irish Independent. It details his role in the Parnell split and in re-uniting the Irish Party in 1900. And it shows how Redmond's tireless speechmaking throughout Britain, Australia and America over 30 years convinced the world that Ireland was capable of self- government.