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David Coleman

Children need time to transition to big changes. Give them time to familiarize with the unfamiliar

Parenting during the pandemic is stressful and it’s good for everyone to find time to spend together doing something enjoyable

Since there are likely to be very good reasons why your teen gets angry right now, it might be best to stop punishing her

You need to continue to be vigilant and try to distract or move your daughter away if you feel she is going to hurt the baby

They need to learn that if they don’t do their share then everybody suffers

Your daughter will also need your time and attention with regard to the impact of her brother's behaviour

You can reassure your daughter she is not doing anything wrong, but she needs to be private

Communication can make kids feel less alone, so chat during the day rather than at night

Talk to your GP about managing their symptoms at home

It may be helpful for you and his dad to have a shared explanation, which you can both agree on

Creating standards is very important when other siblings  are in the house

Adapting and accommodating to parents separating is a process that may need ongoing emotional support for children

Meet-ups provide a good opportunity for children to play freely but it’s crucial parents don’t overload themselves

To my mind, your son's happiness in school would be of most importance

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