Wednesday 14 November 2018

Children like having parents nearby at bedtime

What I'm Really Thinking ...about bedtime 

I hate bedtime. I'm only six so I'm expected to go to bed at 7.30 every night. That isn't the problem. I don't mind the time. I just hate being in bed on my own. I say this to Mam and Dad every night, and every night they ignore me. But I try to make sure they can't ignore me. This is how it goes… Mam sends me off to get into my pyjamas and brush my teeth, which I do plan to do, but then I could get distracted by stuff in my room. D'you know what I mean?

Photo posed

Dear David Coleman: My daughter has been isolated at school since January and now it is continuing again. She is dreadfully upset. 

Question: My 11-year-old daughter was a happy, bubbly child, until January of this year. She and her classmates all changed a lot in their attitudes and her 'friends' were isolating her at school on a daily basis. Since she started back after the summer she has cried at night saying she is lonely and has no friends. The school is aware of the problem and are supportive but she's still upset!

Learning meditation and getting into the habit of just going to bed when you are ready to sleep is vital

Dear David Coleman: My teenage son has difficulty sleeping. Any tips? 

Question: My son is 17 and has just started fifth year. For the past year, he has had difficulty sleeping. It's either taking him ages to go to sleep or he wakes several times during the night. There seems to be nothing stressing him that would stand out to me. He turns off his phone/electronics by 10pm, but most evenings he's so tired coming in from school he goes up to bed straight away after dinner. I'm afraid it's gone on so long it won't be easy to reverse. Do you think this is the case or are there other things I can try?