Sunday 21 July 2019

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THE CLASS OF 2019: Leaving Cert students Sean Cusack, Cornelia Banari, Timmy Akande, Caila Essay Tapo, Nicole Matthews and Christopher Jackson Suia pictured at Hansfield Educate Together in Dublin 15. Photo: Kyran O’Brien

Dan O'Brien: 'Things don't seem so bad once the sun comes out' 

Living in Ireland has its frustrations and downsides. One of these can be the weather, something that is brought home after a few days of all-too-infrequent heat and sun. Many other negatives get a lot of attention in the media - both mainstream and social - with a 'crisis' here and a 'catastrophe' there dominating discussion, week after week. A certain narcissism in the Irish character can lead more than a few people to believe that first world problems only occur here.

Seven years of uninterrupted expansion has benefited most people. That is to be seen in almost every measure of economic activity - from earnings and wealth to consumer prices and jobs. Stock Image

Dan O'Brien: 'It's been a good year for the economy - but figures from the Border may point to the Brexit threat we are facing' 

It may be a little early to pen a review of the year, but it can be said with certainty, even at this juncture, that 2018 has been another good year for the Irish economy. Despite the extreme uncertainties that have been generated by Brexit, Donald Trump's trade conflicts and the coming to power of a Trumpian government in one of our currency area's biggest economies (Italy), near...