Saturday 23 March 2019

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Seven years of uninterrupted expansion has benefited most people. That is to be seen in almost every measure of economic activity - from earnings and wealth to consumer prices and jobs. Stock Image

Dan O'Brien: 'It's been a good year for the economy - but figures from the Border may point to the Brexit threat we are facing' 

It may be a little early to pen a review of the year, but it can be said with certainty, even at this juncture, that 2018 has been another good year for the Irish economy. Despite the extreme uncertainties that have been generated by Brexit, Donald Trump's trade conflicts and the coming to power of a Trumpian government in one of our currency area's biggest economies (Italy), near...

Prone to miscalculation: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar leaving RTE after appearing on the Marian Finucane show yesterday Photo: Fergal Phillips

Brexit tactics could be Leo's greatest gamble 

Ireland's strategic objective in the Brexit fiasco is to keep Britain as tightly locked into the European economic and legal order as possible. This is a vital national interest. Achieving it was always going to be one of the greatest foreign policy challenges this State has ever faced. It was made so much harder last January when Theresa May, the British prime minister, chose to interpret the Brexit referendum as a vote to leave the EU's customs union and single market.

'The broader picture on the UK economy since the referendum is that the vote to leave has had surprisingly limited effect.'

Dan O'Brien: The UK: doing better than Remainers care to admit 

How have all things related to Brexit affected the UK economy and how will that economy evolve in the run-up to Brexit in March 2019? These questions have fallen victim to the deepening partisanship that has taken hold across the water. Since the referendum to leave the EU in June of last year, many normally balanced individuals and organisations appear to have had their analytical capacities impaired by their feelings on the issue.